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Sewerage Network

The sewerage network of Larissa is separated

namely it includes runoff drainage pipes for the drainage of water into Pinios and for the protection of the city against flood, as well as wastewater pipes for channeling the city's wastewater into Pinios, after they have been treated at the Premises of Biological Cleaning.
In addition, the network is reinforced with runoff and wastewater pump stations.

A major infrastructure project has been implemented in the sewerage sector. Since 1981 until today, thousands of meters of pipelines for runoff and wastewater have been constructed. The pipelines branch under the ground of the city and cover the whole central region and all quarters.

Their total length amounts to 400,000 m (248,000 m of wastewater pipes and 153,560 m of runoff pipes) and can serve 169,000 inhabitants.

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The major sewerage project has contributed to the clean and civilized environment of the city and has promoted Larissa to a modern city with adequate infrastructures.


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The sewerage works, that were funded by the 2nd Cohesion Fund (2001-2005) and cost 16,517,600€, were completed with the construction of a network of54,075 m (36,172 m of wastewater pipes and 17,903 of runoff pipes) at the Quarters of AVEROF, N. POLITEIA, N. SMYRNI, AG. GEORGIOS, TOUBA, as well as with the construction of the Sewer "F" runoff pipeline (HATZIHALAR DITCH).

DEYAL completed the sewerage study for the whole settlement of Terpsithea, which is a municipal district of the Municipality of Larissa, by virtue of the "Kapodistrias" law. The sewerage works, that will cost 1,290,000 Euros are in progress and are funded by resources of DEYAL.

In addition, DEYAL constructs self- funded projects (cost benefit). These projects are extensions of the network for the connection of the customers and for the replacement and maintenance of the network.


DEYAL always has as its main goal the provision of water resources and the supply of healthy water. DEYAL achieved this goal in the best possible way.

The water that flows in the taps of Larissa is of excellent quality, DEYAL solves every water supply problem.


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