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Water Supply

The construction of the water supply networks started at the late '20s and from 1930 to 1990 supplied Larissa with the treated water of Pinios.

Then, upon decision of the DEYAL Board of Directors, the city stopped receiving water from Pinios, because the river was very polluted.

Since then, the city is supplied with the water from the 17 bores (5 in Yannouli, 7 in Abelonas and 5 in Platanoulia)

δευαλ υδραγωγειο

Short Retrospection

During the '90s

Construction of the external water supply network

During the '90s, DEYAL completed the construction of the external water supply network of the city of Larissa(New External Aqueduct) for finding water sources and for transferring water to the city. DEYAL also constructed a large part of the internal water supply network for the restoration and replacement of the old network. These projects were funded by the 1st Cohesion Fund.

During the '90s


New External Aqueduct

In 2000, as soon as the New External Aqueduct started to operate, the water supply system of Larissa changed completely. The water from the bores is now channeled to the reservoirs of Agia Paraskevi and Mezourlos and is distributed to the city thanks to the gravity created due to the height difference.

The water tower, at the Company's premises, ceased to offer its long-term services, namely from 1928 until recently, but it continues to be a symbol of DEYAL and a monument of the city.


New water pipelines

The construction of new water pipelines 24,000 m long is continued on 2001. The project budget is 3,446,810 Euros. The pipelines will cover the increased needs of the city and of the surrounding water supplied areas. The projects are funded by the 2nd Cohesion Fund.


DEYAL completed the study for the water supply of the whole settlement of Terpsithea, which is a Municipal District of the Municipality of Larissa, by virtue of the "Kapodistrias" law. The water supply projects will cost 400,000 Euros and are funded by DEYAL.

In addition to the projects that are funded by the 2nd Cohesion Fund, DEYAL is implementing projects that are funded by its own resources (cost benefit). These projects are extensions of the water supply network and of the network maintenance.


DEYAL always has as its main goal the provision of water resources and the supply of healthy water. DEYAL achieved this goal in the best possible way.

The water that flows in the taps of Larissa is of excellent quality, DEYAL solves every water supply problem.


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